Characteristics of a standard antifreeze

In previous articles we discussed that anti-corrosive property of an antifreeze product is the most important role it is supposed to play as an antifreeze. We also discussed the importance of such property, and the effects it leaves on vehicle engine lifespan and keeping the engine safe from oxidation. In present article, we plan to describe the characteristics of a standard antifreeze.


Characteristics of a standard antifreeze

  • Antifreeze must increase the freezing point of water in coldest days of the year.
  • It needs to be chemically stable.
  • It has to increase the boiling point of the liquid in radiator and cooling system up to an appropriate level, at the same time, prevents sedimentation in the radiator.
  • A standard antifreeze is not only anti-corrosive and rustproof, but also, prevents the plastic degradation in cooling system.
  • Although all the antifreeze products are poisonous, but the less the poisoning level, the less would be the environmental damages.
  • Antifreeze needs to be un-inflammable.
  • Unpleasant odor could be a negative point for an antifreeze.
  • Must have less thermal expansion.
  • In case of being poured on vehicle body and other engine parts, must not leave a damaging effect on such sections.


These points determine the quality level and standard level of an antifreeze. In most cases, such properties are not found in famous products, while having this characteristics would prevent costly damages. Tooska Antifreeze, having all the mentioned properties, has succeeded to receive the European Union GS1 Standard. We believe such honor would not be attained without our national costumer support.

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