Which antifreeze brand is the best one to your vehicle?

There are plenty of brands all over the world which are producing antifreeze. Market competition is high these days, and every brand is trying to compete the market with high quality of the product and proper services. However, totally standard antifreezes which are approved by the number one automotive industries are very less in number. Technology, high quality raw materials and being up to date, are factors which play an important role in this field.


The role that raw material of an antifreeze product plays in the quality determination of various brands

The main compound of any standard antifreeze is the raw material. Low quality and non-standard material, regardless of superior machineries and high grades of technologic and scientific experts in a factory, would lead to a failure in producing a standard antifreeze. To prove such claim, we observe the large number of the factories around the globe, but the few antifreeze products which are standard and approved by number one automotive industries.

Having the highest quality raw material in our country, with the help of the experts and specialized personnel and the well-equipped factory of Jebal Shimi, we have succeed to receive the required standards for our Tooska Antifreeze. Eventually, Iranian product has raised among the most successful antifreeze producers among the globe, and competes their products with the highest quality. European Union GS1 Standard is a very significant certificate, and many factories in the world are trying to get it but it is not a simple goal.

You can ask your mechanic and specialized expert after a year of using Tooska product for all types of modern, or national vehicles, having in mind the inexpensive cost of our antifreeze. This is how we certify our product quality. “Quality of Tooska Antifreeze product is approved by experts!”

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