Introducing Tooska

Tooska Antifreeze Company is a subset of Jebal Shimi Iranian International Holding Company. Tooska Company, in an attempt for improving national production and Iranian business, and with a purpose to increase the competition level in national and international market, has decided to produce an antifreeze product, using highest quality national raw materials under Tooska corporate branding. We are proud to claim that our products not only acquire the highest national standards, but also we have passed the European Union Tests with highest scores, and we are now ready to start competition in international markets. Relying on Iranian mentality, executive abilities and management techniques, we are ready to climb the highest peak of this vast market with our GS1 standard.


Obligation and Objective

  • Observance of moral codes, being responsible towards environmental and social responsibilities to promote a clean planet concept.
  • To respect the costumer rights, being obliged to comprehensive quality management, providing a satisfactory level in every possible aspect
  • Policy making and using the best available raw materials to ensure the highest quality of Tooska antifreeze products
  • Continuous education and growth of our personnel to improve the uninterrupted creativity level

Decision making in accordance with scientific data analysis to reach the most ideal results

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